Using cutting-edge digital health technology ADVIN allows healthcare workers to monitor patient vital signs, screen for major communicable and non-communicable diseases, and communicate with physicians anywhere in real-time.

Through a strong focus on preventative healthcare, ADVIN is able to provide earlier diagnoses, reduce hospitalization, and decrease healthcare costs.

Our Mission

ADVIN’s mission is to reduce barriers to primary healthcare through digital health technology.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where affordable and high quality health care is never far away from those who need it; a world where preventative medicine takes precedence, and people can be healthy, no matter their class, age, gender, sex, race, or religion.

Our Approach

Through partnership with micro-finance institutions (MFIs); micro health-insurance companies; Non-governmental organizations (NGOs); and secondary and tertiary health providers, ADVIN turns a fragmented system into a seamless one through proprietary software and point-of-care diagnosis.

Our Future

The future of healthcare is one that works to combine the unique strengths of Artificial Intelligence and human know-how. As the capabilities of AI steadily improve, the process of diagnosing patients will become increasingly within the domain of machines, while humans provide more specialized secondary and tertiary care.
ADVIN aims to be a leader in the field of primary care and diagnostics, with a unique data set, and subsequently AI software, contextualized for the developing world and their specific health needs.